• Chairman: BobbyC (Sons of God M.C.)
  • Co-Chairman: Diamond Dave 1%er (Warlocks M.C.)
  • Co-Chairman: St Cloud 1%er (Outlaws M.C.)
  • Co-Chairman: G-Man 1%er (Mongols M.C.)
  • Secretary: St Cloud 1%er (Outlaws M.C.)
  • Treasurer: Jennifer (Leather & Lace M.C.)
    • NORTH: Sly-Dog (A.R.M.)
    • SOUTH: Repo (Fallen Few M.C.)
  • Chaplain: Al Paquette (Al Paquette Ministries)
  • ATTORNEY: Jerry S. Theophilopoulos
    • 1247 South Pinellas Ave ~ Tarpon Springs, FL 34869
    • 727-945-1112 / cell 727-946-2225


A.R.M. 64 
Al Paquette Ministries
Armed Forces MC
Attorney Jerry Theophilopoulos
A.R.M. Edgewater
Bikers For Christ MM East Central
Boarder Riders M.C.
Central Boozefighters MC 68
Boozefighters MC 171
Child Liberation M.C.
Combat Veterans, Chapter 20-1
Combat Veterans 20-2
Combat Veterans 20-4
Combat Veterans 20-07
Disciple Christian M.C.
Dragon Slayers MC
Fallen Few MC Lake County
Fallen Few MC Orange County
Fire & Iron #1
Fire & Iron #2
Fire & Iron #10
Fire & Iron #113
Free Runners MC
Heathens MC
Leather & Lace MC
Leathernecks MC(Central Chapter)
Leathernecks MC (Space Coast Chapter)
Leathernecks MC (Crusaders Chapter)
Midnight Reapers MC
Mongols MC Central
Mongols MC Flagler
Mongols MC Orange Co.
Mongols MC Seminole
Mongols MC Southend
Outlaws MC Daytona
Remnant Sons MM
Royal Kings M.C.
Southside Riders Orange Co.
Southside Riders
Special Forces Brotherhood
Special Forces Brotherhood 128
Sons of God MC
Spirit Riders MM
Unchained Kings Brevard
US Military Vets MC Lake County #10
US Military Vets MC Osceola #8
US Military Vets MC Space Coast Chp #13
US Military Vets MC NSB #6
US Military Vets MC W. Volusia #9
Warlocks MC Brevard Co
Warlocks MC North Brevard Co
Warlocks MC Lake Co
Warlocks MC Orlando
Warlocks MC North Florida
Warlocks MC Seminole Co
Warlocks MC Melbourne
Wheels of Faith MM
Wrecking Crew N. Brevard Co.