Profiling Reports Biker Profiling Reports

By filling out this form, you are helping the North Florida Coalition of Clubs gather valuable information regarding the uses and patterns of biker profiling by police at the state, county and local levels. Biker profiling can occur in different contexts to include the bike you ride and the clothing you wear. This list includes but is not limited to: American made cruiser style bikes, sport bikes, custom or modified motorcycles. Moreover, the list includes motorcycle club members and other association’s members show their allegiance to their organization by wearing a patch or distinctive logo. 

We CANNOT promise that the information you provide will lead to specific action by our attorneys. However, the information you provide will help us support local laws that protect individuals from discrimination and/or identify jurisdictions where we could present cases of biker profiling in court. You may receive a request from the North Florida Coalition of Clubs to use your information for: 1) legislative testimony, 2) litigation, or 3) telling your story to the media. We will NOT do this without your prior authorization. Thank you for cooperating with the North Florida Coalition of Clubs.

You may fill out the form below electronically, or you may download a pdf form to print and fill out to send in. If you would prefer to download the form to fill out offline, please click HERE Profiling form

Victim Complaint Form

Describe what happened in as much detail as possible.

If this was a traffic stop, describe the motorcycle you were riding: Include make, model, year and state where it is registered.

What agency did the officer belong to?

Did the officer say or do something that makes you believe you were stopped because of your attire (club or other affiliation) or race/nationality?