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Volusia Cease and Desist


Here is the first piece related to the Daytona Beach News Journal article from March 14.  Volusia County Sheriff Chitwood validates that they pressure establishments to "cooperate" by implementing no colors policies.

The NCOC has sent the following to the Volusia Sheriff's Department after a news article was published on March 14:


Article below posted on Daytona Beach News-Journal

By Patricio G. Balona

Posted Mar 14, 2018 at 12:58 PM Updated Mar 14, 2018 at 7:42 PM

DAYTONA BEACH — More motorcycle gangs are in town for Bike Week but the Volusia County sheriff said police will come down on them “like white on rice” if they break the law.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood said he has seen an increase in motorcycle gangs coming to Bike Week in Daytona Beach. To prevent gang violence, the Sheriff’s Office has taken a proactive approach and shifted the focus of its motorcycle theft task force that operated during the event for years. The team now monitors local, national and international motorcycle gangs.

“I would say that it seemed when I first got here in 2006, it was high, and then we hit a period where there was a lull, there was a period where we knocked their club house out of Daytona Beach,” Chitwood said.

In August 2007, Daytona Beach police and FBI raided and busted up the Outlaws motorcycle gang’s clubhouse on Beach Street. The Outlaws gang tried making a comeback but Daytona Beach police and code enforcement has made it difficult for them to set up house in other locations in the city.

“But now from what I see it looks like we are starting to see a proliferation of that. We are starting to see other motorcycle gangs come in, Hells Angels, the Mongols, there is a Puerto Rican motorcycle gang we are seeing coming in here, so in my opinion I think we are starting to see it come back on the rise.

The FBI has the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club and Mongols listed as two of the largest Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs in the United States. The others are the Pagans, Vagos, Sons of Silence, Outlaws and Bandidos.

Daytona Beach police Chief Craig Capri has seen the increase, too.

Daytona is a national run for most motorcycle clubs during Bike Week,” Capri said. “Meaning that most motorcycle clubs require their members to be here.

Daytona Beach police detectives have met with several of the gangs and laid down the rules of the city to them, Capri said.

“Our number one goal is public safety,” Capri said. “We’ve met with them and told them they can have their fun but we’ve let them know that if they cause problems, we’ll be on them. They’ve been receptive to our rules.

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